Asian Journal for Poverty Studies (AJPS) is the official publication of Regional Network on Poverty
Eradication (RENPER) and serves as media for promoting innovative theoretical and empirical research on
poverty alleviation. AJPS is a peer reviewed international journal publishing research articles on poverty
studies including, but not limited to, urban and rural poverties, gender issues in poverty, public policy
on poverty, and community empowerment.

AJPS is published twice a year, in January and July, both on-line and printed versions on a non-profit
basis. The journal mainly publishes articles from the scientists of RENPER society, but nonmembers
are also encouraged to publish their research articles in AJPS. Manuscripts submitted to AJPS must be
original and not previously or simultaneously submitted to, or published in, any other scientific journal.
Contents of the manuscript should demonstrate scientific insight on poverty phenomena and research
findings should convey to the poverty alleviation. The detailed information on manuscript submission guide
lines is provided in ‘AJPS Author Guidelines’ that can be obtained on-line from AJPS website.

AJPS operates on non-profit basis and earns its income from the donations of Institutions in RENPER,
publication fees, and subscription of printed version. The rate of publication fee can be found in ‘AJPS
AUTHOR GUIDELINES’. The subscription of printed version from institutions of RENPER member is free
of charge (exclusive of postage and handling). For individual or institution of nonmember, an annual fee of
USD 50 is applied on printed version subscription (exclusive of postage and handling). Under certain
terms and conditions, other sources of donation will also be considered and appreciated.