Our Vision, Mission, and Objectives


UniB RENPER vision is Indonesia without poverty. The challenge is to generate and disseminate critical and rigorous knowledge useful for the prevention and eradication of poverty.


UniB RENPER fundamental mission is to work in collaboration with like-minded knowledge networks, institutions, and scholars, in order to build independent, alternative, critical knowledge and education on poverty, in addition to policies for preventing and eradicating poverty.


The key objectives of UniB for Renper are to:

  1. Promote updated critical inter-disciplinary and comparative research on the nature, extent, depth, distribution, trends, causes and effects of poverty,
  2. produce knowledge with relevance to diverse policy communities and create spaces for dialogue with various policy actors at local, national, and Asia regional levels aiming at eradicating poverty,
  3. contribute to building and enhancing Asian research capacities on poverty and poverty related issues,
  4. undertake critical analysis and monitoring of national and international policy responses to poverty everywhere.

In order to initiate these critical and collaborative tasks, UniB RENPER Experts and Secretariat have agreed to set into motion a process aimed to produce a series of clear, comprehensible research outputs that are immediately accessible to the scientific community, policy makers, activists, the media and the general public.